The Warrener's Fox Screecher


The Warrener’s Fox Screecher is designed and made by The Warrener. This mouth call is tuned to give a very high pitch or a louder crisper sound. It’s great for long range calling or to coax in the close ones.

The fox calling legend "The Warrener" gets foxes to come in close and personal with his voice calls - but a lot of fox callers all over the country are having very good results with The Warrener's Screecher - an open reed call. The Screecher is tuned with a high pitch rabbit - rodent squeals. It can also be used to produce raspy hare and bird chitter sounds

Watch The Warrener use it to deadly effect by clicking here...

Sorry - due to the design of this item, we can only supply it within the UK (we can't send items resembling ammunition outside the UK)

sorry - temporarily out of stock

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