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With The Warrener   -   Volumes 1, 2 & 3

For a limited time you can buy all three volumes for a special price of £65.00*!

Volume 1 - Contents:- Volume 2 - Contents:- Volume 3 - Contents:-
See the damage foxes are doing to lambs, chickens and wildlife in our countryside;
The Warrener's Bobery Pack controlling rabbits and foxes;
Bolting foxes from earths;
Rabbiting with terriets and lurchers;
Ferreting with "The Little Uns" - whippets;
Terriers and whippets catching grey squirrels;
Lurchers at night "foxing"
Lots of bolted foxes from earths;
Lurchers foxing and rabbiting;
Damage that foxes are doing to lambs and wildlife in our countryside;
Paxton Foxhounds (Wales, 2004);
Ferreting - whippet style;
The hunt terrier man.
Lots of very good bolting of foxes from earths;
Ferreting "whippet style";
Very, very exciting footage of the "Bobery Pack" hunting rabbits out of maize fileds to long nets - lots and lots of rabbit action;
Ratting with the ferrets and border terriers;
Hunting and shooting foxes from gorse banks with the Bobery Pack.

*This offer gives you each of the three DVDs in individual cases - exactly the same as if you purchased each volume separately - and saves you £13.00!

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If you are ordering from outside the UK, please note all the DVDs are in the PAL format, so will not play in most NTSC set-top DVD players - they will play in most computer DVD drives. We can supply videos in NTSC format - please email us with your needs and we'll get you a price for the videos & shipping to your home.

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