A Season With The Warrener - vols 1 & 2

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A Season With The Warrener

Volumes 1 & 2

Volume 1 - August to January - Contents:

  • August:- Calling and decoying Roe deer in the rut; ferreting the maize fields; Pat takes delivery of his young pheasant poults.
  • September:- Calling and snaring foxes around the pheasant pens; shooting a red pricket for the freezer; decoying and calling Red deer.
  • October:- Calling the Red stags in the rut; fox culling; rabbiting.
  • November:- Good fox calling; rabbiting; woodcock shooting.
  • December:- Very good foxing day & night; woodcock shooting; rabbiting.
  • January:- Fox calling; rabbiting;pheasant shooting.

Volume 2 - February to July - Contents:

  • February:- Pheasant and rough shooting; Calling and shooting foxes during the day and at night.
  • March:- Dogging and bolting foxes; John cooks for Pat; Ferreting a bank for rabbits; Nigel does for two foxes.
  • April:- Roe deer stalking; Calling foxes, incuding use of night vision; Fox kebebs; Rabbit snaring on runs.
  • May:- Fox control during lambing; Sorting out a greedy chicken killer; A vixen downwind.
  • June:- Lamb on a spit; The Welsh Game Fair; Ferreting with a lurcher & catty.
  • July:- Roe deer stalking; Ratting; Dogging maize for rabbits.