The Master Fox Caller

The Master Fox Caller
The unit with accessories

The Master Fox Caller is an electronic fox and predator caller that comes with a remote control and is pre-loaded with THE WARRENER'S own unique voice calls.

Features include:-

  • Remote control with range up to 200m
  • Powerful 20W built in speaker (110 Db @10cm from unit)
  • Pre-loaded with 8 unique Warrener calls:-
    • The Warrener's Combined Rodent & Rabbit Distress Call
    • The Warrener's Fox in Distress with Rodent Squeal Call
    • The Warrener's Bird Trill Call
    • The Warrener's Unique Rabbit Call
    • The Warrener's Unique Long Range Call
    • The Warrener's Unique Hare Call
    • The Warrener's Strangled Chicken Call
    • The Warrener's Magpie Call
  • Additional calls can be added via the supplied USB lead (256mb memory)
  • Rechargable lithium battery, gives up to 8 hours use
  • Supplied with UK 3 pin plug
Please note these calls are the property of The Warrener and are subject to Copyright.
In some countries it is not legal to use an electronic call for calling birds to shoot - you are advised to check the law applicable to where you are using it.

How to buy:-

Price:- £45.00 each, plus p&p (UK £5.00; Europe £7.50)

Sorry - our latest consignment has now sold out - We'll update this page when we get some more in

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