Snares & Snaring 

This film is especially aimed towards animal damage control

See The Warrener snare fox, rabbit & mink.


Fox Snaring - snares - tools - lures - baits - locations. See how to entice foxes into your snares by use of lures. Lures & good baits. Help to call the fox to your snare location when he has nothing on his mind but killing a lamb or taking a hen pheasant off its nest.

Rabbit Snaring See their use in professional rabbit control, including bullseye snaring, which helps to protect your catch from predatory foxes.

Mink Snaring I personally feel that I can snare a mink a lot easier than catching one in a trap. See how easy it is to snare mink with my all-in-one snare system on mink trails - holes -tunnels - under roots. See the deadliest mink snare set. Lures and their uses.

Duration Approx 90 minutes


Calling Foxes by Day & Night

The Warrener has spent countless hours in the field pursuing the fox. Follow closely in his footsteps as he shares more techniques and tips. Join him in controlling foxes on his fox control courses with his clients.

See Steve 'The Shotgun' Lamboy from the USA knocking over fox after fox called into shotgun range by The Warrener.

See World champion Wild Turkey caller Joe Drake from the USA kill fox after fox called into shotgun range by The Warrener.

See turkey and coyote called and shot.

See foxes called with a turkey call.

Learn a totally new style of calling with a turkey call. Clive Wells, a client from one of my fox courses, called and shot 18 foxes in 10 nights in Hertfordshire using the turkey call.

Duration Approx 90 minutes


Foxing Warrener Style

An In Depth Course On Fox Control

An exciting instructional calling, snaring & denning film

Join Pat out in the field on his fox control courses learning the art of fox control.

See how to call and decoy foxes.

See the Master of calling and denning. A top Hand predator controller in the USA using trained decoy dogs to lure livestock killing coyotes into handshaking range while calling. Outstanding dog and coyote interatcions.

More new snaring tips using lures and baits for snaring.

Calls and how to use them to successfully bring foxes into shotgun range.

The use of electronic callers for fox calling.

See the damage foxes are doing to wildlife before most people are out of bed.

Duration Approx 1 hour 45 minutes


Whippets At Work

By Sue Mitchell and pat Carey

A comprehensive film showing the whippets working as a team with the ferrets and nets, also at night, lamping, in the successful pursuit of rabbits.

Duration Approx 60 minutes


Calls and Calling Volume 1

Join The Warrener out in the field calling foxes, crows and deer


  • Calling foxes to lurchers;
  • How to use night vision with lurchers;
  • Lurchers, terriers,and their use in fox control to stop lamb killers;
  • Crow calling to decoys;
  • Calls and decoys;
  • Best camouflage;
  • Deer calling;
  • Calls and calling tips;
  • Successfully calling and stopping red and roe deer.

Duration Approx 1 hour 20 minutes


Calls and Calling Volume 2

Fox calling at its best!


  • Foxes coming into decoys;
  • Foxes shot having their 'last sniff' with The Warrener's Stop & Stare lure;
  • Foxes coming to the great Primos Predator calls;
  • Terriers and lurchers used in controlling foxes;
  • An exciting day out with the Paxton fox hounds Gun Pack;
  • A farmers' pack controlling foxes in the welsh countryside;
  • Top fox snaring methods and luring foxes into snares;
  • Snaring around pheasant pens;
  • Spray painting snares;
  • How to make a Warrener decoy for foxes, crow and magpie shooting.

Duration Approx 1 hour 50 minutes


Ferrets At Work

With The Warrener

Sixty minutes of ferreting, showing ferreting with long nets, stop nets, purse netting and shooting rabbits to ferrets.

Duration Approx 60 minutes


Rabbiting With The Warrener

This film is full of non-stop rabbit shooting and longnetting action while ferreting big 500 plus hole warrens. See 60 plus ferrets used on the day. Watch hundreds of yards of longnets set around big warrens.

"If you want to see the best ferreting and netting this is the film to have"

Duration Approx 60 minutes


The Warrener's Way of Catching Foxes

Even if you have been a keeper or pest controller all of your life, The Warrener is sure you will enjoy this film and possibly pick up a tip or two that will be of help in your fox control.


  • Good, true fox calling;
  • Listen and watch The Warreners calls;
  • How to work with the wind;
  • How to track a fox back to it's den of cubs;
  • How to 'time' a fox;
  • View the damage done by foxes before most people are out of bed;
  • Night vision, scope lamps and more!

Duration Approx 2 hours


The Warrener's Way of Catching Rabbits

Join The Warrener out in the field.


  • Ferreting with purse nets and longnets during the daytime;
  • Longnetting at night (the best action ever);
  • Hunting with The Warrener's pack of rabbit dogs;
  • Rabbit trapping and snareing (old trapping skills in modern times);
  • Pick-up shooting (with the boys).

Duration Approx 80 minutes


The Poacher's Story

Lamping with Lurchers & Whippets past & present

With The Warrener

Back in the early 1960's poaching with a lamp and a lurcher was a way of life for Pat, The warrener.

This lamping DVD visits the past and the present of lamping with lurchers and whippets.

Duration Approx 1 hour 35 minutes


The Warrener's 

Foxing Frenzy

Fox control methods for the protection of livestock - wildlife -game

It’s true not all foxes are lamb killers - when the cubs leave the den they are taught to kill whatever is jumped on first. I am sure if the vixen or dog fox was bringing back lambs to the den they get a taste for it. I don’t believe in their extermination, just their control.


  • Hounds at work controlling foxes in Wales the legal way;
  • Good footage of true fox killing of lambs and wildlife;
  • The best calling by day - “Hear the true” call made by The Warrener’s own voice;
  • The best calling and shooting of foxes under the lamp;
  • Fox bolting with terriers and teckel;
  • Night vision in the lamb fields;
  • Fox driving with Pat’s dogs to guns the legal way.

Duration Approx 1 hour 40 minutes


The Bygone Ways of The Poacher


Pat, the grandson of a poacher, the son of a poacher, and a professional rabbit catcher takes you back in time, showing old forgotten methods of trapping. in those days there were no ferret locators, night vision or fancy equipment, just pure country skills, handed down to the next generation.

Pat, a poacher turned gamekeeper, tells of his experiences when young and of a vanishing way of life which, in his opinion, was a great time to be brought up in. This DVD shows many old methods of hunting, netting and fishing from a time when he was able to roam the countryside in complete freedom, when there was little pollution, the rivers were full of fish and the countryside was teeming with rabbits.

Sadly, as Pat says, we are a dying breed.

Duration Approx 1 hour 15 minutes


Terriers, Lurchers & Ferrets at Work - Volume 2

 Controlling Foxes and Rabbits


  • Bushing with terriers and lurchers;
  • Ferreting with terriers and lurchers;
  • Using Bolt Cages with ferrets;
  • Foxing with terriers.

Duration Approx 1 hour 30 minutes


Terriers, Lurchers & Ferrets at Work - Volume 1

There is no better sport in the world than a day out with a couple of dogs and a couple of ferrets working the hedgerows.


  • Exciting ferreting with terriers and lurchers;
  • Lamping rabbits from the quad bike;
  • Ratting with terriers and lurchers;
  • Good lamping rabbits on foot with lurchers;
  • Bushing rabbits with teckels, terriers and lurchers.

Duration Approx 1 hour 55 minutes


Now That's What I Call

Catapult "Poaching"

The Gypsy Way

On this DVD Pat shows a compilation of his "Best of the Best" catapult shooting.

Pheasant, Partridge, Rabbit, Hare, Squirrel all shot with "cattys".

Duration Approx 1 hour 25 minutes


Fox Calling My Way

with The Warrener

Today we are seeing the results of over fox calling pressure. Gone are the days of going out and making a rabbit in distress squeal and having foxes hammer in. Foxes are very call shy in lots of areas.

Any time a fox gets called in with a lamp is a big thrill, BUT watching foxes come to your call in daylight is much more thrilling than watching a set of eyes in the lamplight. On this film you will see fox after fox coming to my voice calls - during the day and at night, with 23 of them being shot.

The fox is a natural survivor - there is an old saying that says if the world comes to an end the rat and cockroach will survive and the fox will also survive and will live on the rat and the cockroach.

A lifetime of experience calling foxes with his own voice calls, The Warrener has learnt many tips and tricks which he shows on this film

Duration Approx 1 hour 30 minutes


Wildlife of The Westcountry

highlighting the Albino Red Deer 'Snowy'


This DVD contains true footage of wildlife in the 'wild' in the Westcountry - there is no set up or staged filming.

Contents include:-

  • Unique footage of wild hedgehogs nest building by a Dartmoor river bank;
  • See hares called to your feet to film or photograph;
  • Adult foxes and young cubs doing what they do natually in the wild;
  • Watch and hear Snowy - an Albino Red Deer - and other red deer in the rut.

Duration Approx 1 hour 5 minutes


A Way of Life

Country Skills and Traditions

with The Warrener & his friends


With all the technology that is out there now - ipads, tablets, etc - there are few youngsters that have the chance to learn the old traditional country skills, like working with the wind, moon phases, tides etc.

For the past 60 years Pat, The Warrener, has studied the ways of animals, their habits, their calls etc. This has helped him develop his ability to call foxes, hares etc up to his feet.

Contents include:-

  • Exciting ferreting with terriers and with lurchers;
  • Pat’s mate John Stanley ferreting and catty shooting;
  • A very old eel trapping method;
  • Pat and his Welsh mates ferreting and catty shooting rabbits & pheasants.

Duration Approx 1 hour 20 minutes


The Warrener is

The Rabbit Catcher



Pat, The Warrener, has used all legal methods of rabbit control over the past fifty years working in full time rabbit, fox and mink control.

This DVD covers old and modern methods of rabbit control.

Contents include:-

  • Snares for controlling rabbits;
  • Rabbit traps shown in detail, plus how to use them;
  • Magnum traps;
  • Cage traps for rabbits;
  • 22NV for rabbit control;
  • Quad bike and moderator 20 bore for rabbit control;
  • Ferrets, lurchers & terriers at work catching rabbits;
  • Drop traps for rabbits;
  • Lamping rabbits with lurchers;
  • Longnetting at night;
  • BB run snap nets.

Duration Approx 1 hour 18 minutes