Snares & Snaring 

This film is especially aimed towards animal damage control

See The Warrener snare fox, rabbit & mink.


Fox Snaring - snares - tools - lures - baits - locations. See how to entice foxes into your snares by use of lures. Lures & good baits. Help to call the fox to your snare location when he has nothing on his mind but killing a lamb or taking a hen pheasant off its nest.

Rabbit Snaring See their use in professional rabbit control, including bullseye snaring, which helps to protect your catch from predatory foxes.

Mink Snaring I personally feel that I can snare a mink a lot easier than catching one in a trap. See how easy it is to snare mink with my all-in-one snare system on mink trails - holes -tunnels - under roots. See the deadliest mink snare set. Lures and their uses.

Duration Approx 90 minutes