Poach It, Cook It, Eat It - Volume 2

Proper Hunter's Grub

“Give a man a dinner and he’ll eat for a day

Teach a man how to catch and cook his dinner and he’ll eat for life”

So says Pat, The Warrener, who will show you how to catch, cook and eat the best food in the countryside and estuary.

The son of a poacher, he is widely known for his skills in calling and catching game - now he shows his expertise in fishing as well as in cooking what he catches. He is equally at home cooking in the kitchen as well as outdoors, creating amazing game recipes.


  • Catching rabbit in a culvert without a ferret;
  • Ferreters’ Breakfast;
  • Rabbit - Venison - Pheasant Smoked Meat Loaf;
  • “Rabbit in Tree” - trout fishing and cooking trout on a campfire;
  • Old fashioned Snood fishing for flounders and cast iron pan cooking;
  • Shrimp fishing at night & cooking;
  • Hobo Stew - Rabbit, Pheasant and more;
  • Living Off The Land “The Travellers’ Way” - catching Rabbits, Pheasants & Partridges with Ferret, Lurcher & Catapult.

Duration Approx 1 hour 55 minutes