Poach It, Cook It, Eat It

Wild about Game

Would you like to be able to cook game with a difference?

On this DVD The Warrener will show you how to catch, cook and eat the best food in the countryside - making him “The Hedgerow Chef”

The son of a poacher, he is widely known for his skills in calling and catching game - now he shows his expertise in cooking what he catches. He is a master at BBQs, regularly cooking for over 100 people, and has even been featured on the BBC! He is equally at home in the kitchen, creating amazing game recipes.


  • Baked Pheasant Encased in Stuffing;
  • BBQ Stuffed Rabbit;
  • Duck and onions;
  • Mountain Man Burgers;
  • Partridges with Pears;
  • Pheasant and Rabbit Burgers;
  • Pheasant Bites;
  • Pheasant on Black Pudding;
  • Smothered Venison with American Biscuits;
  • Spit Roast Belly Pork Stuffed with Game;
  • Trout in Newspaper;
  • Twice Cooked Potatoes;
  • Venison meat Loaf - with a difference!;
  • Venison Sloppy Joes

Duration Approx 2 hours