Fifty Years of Fox Snaring

Old Methods in Modern Times

Pat, The Warrener, has snared over several hundred foxes per year for the past fifty years; one winter in 1979/80 snaring, calling and shooting 309 foxes for their pelts.  At certain times of the year the snare will out perform any other method of fox control.


  • Snaring to protect young lambs & pheasants;
  • In depth and detailed snaring techniques;
  • See a fox and ewe fight over her lamb that the fox had killed;
  • Lure and big bait snaring;
  • Burr in the fur snaring;
  • Bait cage snaring which Pat used over 40 years ago;
  • See a very deadly cage trapping system for the fox;
  • Mick the Assassin on his snare lines protecting his pheasants and partridges.

Duration Approx 2 hours