All In A Day's Work

for The Warrener

(plus Working The Night Shift)

For the past 47 years Pat’s occupation has been rabbit catching; fox control for sheep farmers; pheasant shoots (he also runs woodcock and snipe days); and taking Clients deer stalking. Follow The Warrener on his working days and nights.

Pat has spent a lot of time in the USA, trapping and calling fox and coyote while over there. He has had first hand experience using the Collarum Sprung Snare which was passed as approved for fox control use here in England from 1st October 2009. On this DVD Pat shows the best way and the best sets to use the Collarum Sprung Snare for foxes and what are the best baits and lure.


  • Good rabbit catching with ferrets, longnets & lurchers;
  • Pat ferreting with his mate John - a top rabbit catcher and catapult shot;
  • Pheasant and woodcock shooting with Pat’s Clients;
  • Foxing by day and night plus night vision footage showing at night in total darkness foxes working baited and lured sets - totally amazing;
  • See the best ever footage of the Starlight Archer NV at work on the lambing ground - the NV footage is the best of the best!

Duration Approx 2 hours