Calling, Lamping & Night Vision Techniques

for contolling challenging foxes

with The Warrener

On this DVD The Warrener will give you valuable information and tips on equipment for calling and coaxing foxes for shotgun and rifle.

There is also bonus footage of Pat, The Warrener, filmed over 30 years ago in the USA, calliing coyotes with decoy dogs.

 See how The Warrener calls in lamb killing foxes time after time.

see night vision footage of a fox killing a lamb right under PAT and Nigel's noses.

Plus see The Warrener on stage in the USA over 30 years ago demonstrating his voice calling skills to over 100 top trappers and callers.

 "I am very proud of this DVD. I have been putting it over in my mind for a year or two on how I would like it to be."
                                                                                                                                                                  Pat - The Warrener

Duration Approx 2 hours