Mouching Ways & Hunting Days - Volume 2

with The Warrener & His Traveller Friends (The Stanley Boys)

See The Warrener on the road again with his traveller friends mouching, hunting and poaching with their catapults, ferrets, dogs and snares

Content include:

  • An old "hay decoy set" used years ago for snaring hares in the snow - good for rabbits too;
  •  John & Pat snaring pheasants at roost with the pole snare;
  • Shooting rabbits out of their seats with catapults;
  • See Sam "Dundee" Stanley in action with his old style mouching catty;
  • Traveller style spit roast - pheasants, rabbits & venison;
  • Lots and lots of traveller action with cattys, terriers & lurchers hunting for the pot;
  • Lamping rabbits, ferreting rabbits, snaring rabbits

Duration Approx 2 hours