Mouching Ways & Hunting Days

with The Warrener & His Traveller Friends (The Stanley Boys)

The Warrener once more brings you a DVD that is full of everything you expect from him and more.

He spends time with his traveller friends mouching, poaching and hunting with their catapults, ferrets, dogs and snares.


  •  Snaring and preparing squirrels for the pot or pan;
  • Ferrets and whippets working together;
  • Catty shooting pheasant, squirrel, rabbit, hare & partridge for the pot;
  • The Warrener demonstrates his new hedgerow rabbit trap that really does the job!;
  • Fereting banks, hedges and ground burys;
  • Lurchers at work - by day and night;
  • Ratting with terriers and catties;
  • The Warrener calls a hare up real close;
  • And much, much more!

Duration Approx 2 hours