A Season With The Warrener

Volume 2 : February - July

This film is the second of two parts that follows The Warrener through his working year. This continues where Volume 1 left off, showing The Warrener's varied activities over the next six months.

It contains some awesome footage not released before, including The Warrener catching a chicken killer in action, which results in the fox dead, but the chicken in it's mouth still alive! The BBC were so taken with this footage that, once they saw it, they crazed The Warrener to give an interview about it, and to let it be shown on BBC1!


February:- Pheasant and rough shooting; Calling and shooting foxes during the day and at night.

March:- Dogging and bolting foxes; John cooks for Pat; Ferreting a bank for rabbits; Nigel does for two foxes.

April:- Roe deer stalking; Calling foxes, incuding use of night vision; Fox kebebs; Rabbit snaring on runs.

May:- Fox control during lambing; Sorting out a greedy chicken killer; A vixen downwind.

June:- Lamb on a spit; The Welsh Game Fair; Ferreting with a lurcher & catty.

July:- Roe deer stalking; Ratting; Dogging maize for rabbits.

Duration Approx 2 hours