A Season With The Warrener

Volume 1 : August - January

This film is the first of two parts that follows The Warrener through his working year. Go out in the field with Pat, The Warrener, calling and decoying deer, calling foxes by night and day, snaring foxes around the pheasant pens, exciting woodcock & pheasant shooting with Pat's Clients, and rabbiting.

This film is the best of the best action from the man that is know as A Living Legend.


August:- Calling and decoying Roe deer in the rut; ferreting the maize fields; Pat takes delivery of his young pheasant poults.

September:- Calling and snaring foxes around the pheasant pens; shooting a red pricket for the freezer; decoying and calling Red deer.

October:- Calling the Red stags in the rut; fox culling; rabbiting.

November:- Good fox calling; rabbiting; woodcock shooting.

December:- very good foxing day & night; woodcock shooting; rabbiting.

January:- Fox calling; rabbiting;pheasant shooting

Duration Approx 2 hours