The Old Ways Of The Poacher - Volume 1

and The Gamekeeper's tips to Out Wit Him

One cannot help to admire the Poacher of old who, like the Romany Gypsy, poached for necessity to put food in the pot to feed his family.

He was an expert with net, snare, catapult and ferret, and his lurcher was a pot filler.

He was a loner who excelled in the art of woodcraft, and he knew the habits of all the game he pursued by day or night.

Above all, he was my (The Warrener's) 'Dad' - a true poacher and countryman.


  • Rabbit snaring - the Poachers way;
  • Snaring after dark - parsley oil;
  • Long netting;
  • Moonlight ferreting;
  • The Romany Gypsy - "The Traveller's Way";
  • Tickling or groping trout;
  • Ferreting and netting - the line ferret;
  • Hare netting;
  • Partridge netting - "dragnet";
  • Driving rabbits into hay holes;
  • Calling hares - "Hare Pipe";
  • "Cattys" by day and night;
  • Dummy pheasants, alarm guns, flares & man traps.

Duration Approx 2 hours