SKU: DVD-049

The Bygone Ways of The Poacher


Pat, the grandson of a poacher, the son of a poacher, and a professional rabbit catcher takes you back in time, showing old forgotten methods of trapping. in those days there were no ferret locators, night vision or fancy equipment, just pure country skills, handed down to the next generation.

Pat, a poacher turned gamekeeper, tells of his experiences when young and of a vanishing way of life which, in his opinion, was a great time to be brought up in. This DVD shows many old methods of hunting, netting and fishing from a time when he was able to roam the countryside in complete freedom, when there was little pollution, the rivers were full of fish and the countryside was teeming with rabbits.

Sadly, as Pat says, we are a dying breed.

Duration Approx 1 hour 15 minutes