SKU: DVD-045

Fox Calling My Way

with The Warrener

Today we are seeing the results of over fox calling pressure. Gone are the days of going out and making a rabbit in distress squeal and having foxes hammer in. Foxes are very call shy in lots of areas.

Any time a fox gets called in with a lamp is a big thrill, BUT watching foxes come to your call in daylight is much more thrilling than watching a set of eyes in the lamplight. On this film you will see fox after fox coming to my voice calls - during the day and at night, with 23 of them being shot.

The fox is a natural survivor - there is an old saying that says if the world comes to an end the rat and cockroach will survive and the fox will also survive and will live on the rat and the cockroach.

A lifetime of experience calling foxes with his own voice calls, The Warrener has learnt many tips and tricks which he shows on this film

Duration Approx 1 hour 30 minutes