SKU: DVD-011

Foxing For A Living

with The Warrener

In the winter of 1974 The Warrener killed 118 foxes, 1975 - 97 foxes, 1976 - 143 foxes, 1977 - 210 foxes, 1978 - 194 foxes, 1979 - 320 foxes and has killed many foxes every winter since then.

His first original video "The A-Z of Fox Control" is acclaimed to be the best fox video ever made for the true fox controller.

After 35 years of controlling foxes for a living, this film will take you out in The Warrener's world doing what he does best - KILLING FOXES - protecting sheep flock from 50 head to 6000 head.


  • Lots of calling by day and night;
  • Fox driving with dogs;
  • See a fox get his own back on The Warrener when called in - it bites him on the leg!
  • Cage trapping at it's best;
  • Snaring;
  • Night vision;
  • The Warrener in Ireland foxing

Duration Approx 2 hours