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The Warrener's 

Foxing Frenzy

Fox control methods for the protection of livestock - wildlife -game

It’s true not all foxes are lamb killers - when the cubs leave the den they are taught to kill whatever is jumped on first. I am sure if the vixen or dog fox was bringing back lambs to the den they get a taste for it. I don’t believe in their extermination, just their control.


  • Hounds at work controlling foxes in Wales the legal way;
  • Good footage of true fox killing of lambs and wildlife;
  • The best calling by day - “Hear the true” call made by The Warrener’s own voice;
  • The best calling and shooting of foxes under the lamp;
  • Fox bolting with terriers and teckel;
  • Night vision in the lamb fields;
  • Fox driving with Pat’s dogs to guns the legal way.

Duration Approx 1 hour 40 minutes