SKU: DVD-024

Hi-Tec Predator Control

for foxes and mink

with The Warrener

Almost everyone can call and shoot

a fox to the rifle - but not everyone

can call and shoot a high number

"The Warrener can"

Enjoy 2 hours of intense fox control with the master.

The Warrener will explain in detail the hows, wheres and when for successful fox control. You will view a host of different tools for the job that work to control fox and mink.

Contents covered:

  •  The Rocking Rabbit - it jigs, jumps and squeaks. Foxes and crows love it.
  • The Scritcher - a 100% decoy for snaring fox & mink and cage trapping fox. An excellent tool for night vision.
  • mink snaring - if you can snare rabbits you can snare mink. See The Warrener snare mink in pipes.
  • Moonlight ferreting "long nets";
  • The Warrener shows you how to make your own fox scents.
  • Making mink and fox snares and lots more.
  • Hi-Tec foxing with lurchers and quad bike - these boys had fox control down to a fine art before the ban

Duration Approx 2 hours