SKU: DVD-021

Modern Foxing

with The Warrener

With Some Old Style Twists

Pat "The Warrener" called and shot his first fox using his own voice over fourty years ago. Since then he has called and shot thousands of foxes all over England and the USA.

On this fast paced, very informative instructional film you will learn how to call foxes "up close" - the opening hunt will show you how close!

You will learn the true sounds and calls to make your calling and shooting successful.

Contents also include:

  • Night vision with a rifle and Kite Night Vison;
  • Night vision with a shotgun;
  • Come out on a fox course lamping with The Warrener and clients;
  • How to work a mouth blown call and not have a "trumpet" voice;
  • Simple mistakes that are made long before a fox caller leaves home.

Duration Approx 2 hours