SKU: DVD-023

The Old Ways Of The Poacher - Volume 2

and The Old Rabbit Trapper Skills & Tips

Due to overwhelming demand, The Warrener has produced a sequel to the outstanding "The Old Ways Of The Poacher", which highlighted the ancient art of poaching as first introduced to The Warrener by his Dad - a true Poacher and Countryman.

In this film, "The Old Ways Of The Poacher volume 2", The Warrener explains and demonstrates more poaching and old country skills. He also spends some time with Romany Gypsies, learning their ways and watching their expertise with catapults.


  • The ways of the old Rabbit Trapper;
  • Rabbit snaring;
  • Rabbit snaring "healers";
  • Moonlight ferreting "long nets";
  • Night lines foor trout;
  • Pheasant snaring "twitcher";
  • Lurchers & terriers doing what they do best;

The Romany Gypsy Poacher 

  • The Travellers way with the catty - snare - ferret - & dog.

Duration Approx 2 hours