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The Warrener is

The Rabbit Catcher



Pat, The Warrener, has used all legal methods of rabbit control over the past fifty years working in full time rabbit, fox and mink control.

This DVD covers old and modern methods of rabbit control.

Contents include:-

  • Snares for controlling rabbits;
  • Rabbit traps shown in detail, plus how to use them;
  • Magnum traps;
  • Cage traps for rabbits;
  • 22NV for rabbit control;
  • Quad bike and moderator 20 bore for rabbit control;
  • Ferrets, lurchers & terriers at work catching rabbits;
  • Drop traps for rabbits;
  • Lamping rabbits with lurchers;
  • Longnetting at night;
  • BB run snap nets.

Duration Approx 1 hour 18 minutes