SKU: DVD-016


With The Warrener and Friends

"The Exterminators 2"

This film has it all - the best of the best - non-stop action from start to finish


  • Ferreting by day with longnets - hundreds of rabbits - see The Exterminators at work again;
  • Ferreting under the full moon with longnets and purse nets. An old poaching method of years gone by. "This moonlighting ferreting segment is worth the price of the DVD alone, with the bonus of new tips for night time ferreting";
  • Longnetting at night. The best rabbit action ever filmed at night using longnets - I know you will agree after watching this;
  • Longnetting with the pull-up system. Good for small areas for day or night rabbit catching;
  • Lurchers doing what they were bred for - catching rabbits!

Duration Approx 1 hour 45 minutes