SKU: DVD-043

A Way of Life

Country Skills and Traditions

with The Warrener & his friends


With all the technology that is out there now - ipads, tablets, etc - there are few youngsters that have the chance to learn the old traditional country skills, like working with the wind, moon phases, tides etc.

For the past 60 years Pat, The Warrener, has studied the ways of animals, their habits, their calls etc. This has helped him develop his ability to call foxes, hares etc up to his feet.

Contents include:-

  • Exciting ferreting with terriers and with lurchers;
  • Pat’s mate John Stanley ferreting and catty shooting;
  • A very old eel trapping method;
  • Pat and his Welsh mates ferreting and catty shooting rabbits & pheasants.

Duration Approx 1 hour 20 minutes